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Deaf man finally reunited with support dog who was stolen at Pride event

A deaf man whose dog was stolen by callous thieves has been reunited with his beloved pooch.

André Kedroe, 33, spent three weeks walking the streets day and night to find his French bulldog Skyla Blu – and is delighted she is finally safe at home with him.

The female tri-colour Frenchie was returned on Friday after going missing at a Pride event earlier in the month.

André, 33, is classed as a vulnerable person and his pooch is his support dog.

An unidentified woman claims André asked her to hold Skyla Blu while he went to the toilet at the event in Soho, central London.

However, she made no attempt to contact the police or take the dog to the vets.

She saw posts on social media about the missing pooch and reached out three weeks later to return Skyla Blu to André.

André – who thinks his drink was spiked – also had his hearing aids pinched the day his dog went missing.

They were taken by a callous thief in a bag that contained his passport, money and glasses too.

André remembers nothing after 11pm and woke up at home in Lewisham hours later to find his beloved pooch and bag were gone.

He has “no recollection or idea what happened” but is overjoyed to finally be reunited with Skyla Blu.

He said: “I try to be kind to everyone and can’t understand why this happened.

“Skyla Blu says ‘I’m exhausted but back with my dad where I belong.’

“Thank you everyone.”

According to friends, André did an intense amount of work with volunteers to be reunited with his pet.

Despite being shaken up from the horrifying ordeal, he bravely vowed to not give up until she was found.